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Monday, October 22, 2007


O.k. so I am starting to see the problems with buying an older home. When we purchased the house we had two inspectors come inspect the house and everything was fine. We were told "hey nothing to worry about" and got the thumbs up. Well not to long ago we go a letter from our insurance company wanting some work done to the furnace by the first of November or they will cancel our home insurance with them until the work is done. The repairman came this morning and he said that we will be looking at at least $800 to get the work done and a certificate issued. Great timing, we are already struggling with getting the kids Christmas gifts now this...My husband has another repairman coming this evening to take a look to see what is involved with the repairs and he will do the work on the side from his job. Hopefully he will be able to do the work and save us some money. I am really hoping that Santa will be good to my kids this year! LOL


Petula Wright said...

Ouch!! $800!! How frustrating!! I hope the other repairman had good news.

BTW: On that meme, is there a way to copy everything and have it include all the links or do I have to do it manually?! ... Andre is still sick, but hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing. He's getting liquids slowly to see if he'll hold anything down.

Tammy said...

Why does this type of thing always happen around Christmas time?!! I hope you can get it done for cheaper. BTW I love your graphic you put in for voting for Kim. I really hope she wins. She deserves it, she is such a great friend!

Tammy said...

I'm tagging you with a meme!

Carrie Smith said...

Petula...all I did was copy and paste and the links were there, you shouldn't have to do it manually, it would take you forever.

I hope Andre is feeling better soon.

take care :0)

Tammy I will be over to your blog in a bit to get this meme...


Have a great day everyone :0)