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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Finally we are back home from trick or treating and with many pillow cases full of treats. The kids really enjoyed themselves this year and we got to meet lots of wonderful people around our neighborhood. It was a great way to get to introduce ourselves to the area and they just loved the kids. Most houses we went to I had to leave Matt and Blake behind and go on ahead with the other 3 kids. Blake liked to make himself at home at every one's house and carried on many and I mean many conversations. He was so adorable. So now being 9:00pm, the kids are eating their supper and heading off to bed. We had such a great time at the last house we went to that we lost track of time and after visiting for a little over an hour we got the kids home. Fireworks have been going off here since 6:00pm and no signs of them stopping any time soon. We were told about how big fireworks would be tonight, but I never imagined they would go on this long.
It was a great night now I have to go tuck my little ones in bed :0)

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