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Thursday, October 11, 2007


With my husband's busy job and always travelling for business I have been looking into different ways to help make his time travelling a whole lot easier and more productive, so to go with his new laptop he is finding that it would be of great benefit to invest in a portable scanner.

While doing some research on different types pf portable scanners I came across the ScanShell 2000N through the ScanShell Store website. This particular portable scanner is a light weight portable scanner with USB 2.0 port connection with no external power needed. It is a fully mobile small print document scanner and is TWAIN compliant and is bundled with Doc Shell and Scan2Contacts. The ScanShell 2000N is the ideal A4 color scanner for busy executives and professionals and would be of great benefit for my husbands job and many other professional for that matter.

If you are also looking for scanning solutions then check out the business card scanning solutions. Don't lose anymore business cards , just use one of the options like Scan2Contact where business card scanning will go directly to Microsoft Outlook. Let your competitors wast their time looking for a business card while you are closing a deal. Get the Scanshell 2000N today and receive a 30 days money back guarantee with free technical support and secure online payment.

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