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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


O.k so it's has been a little chilly here and I now have to start getting the kids winter clothing out to see who is going to need new boots, jackets, etc...I already know that they will be needing mitts and gloves but I have no idea if their boots are going to fit. We are already wearing gloves in the mornings when I walk the kids to school and yesterday we were wanting our winter jackets, it was so windy and a cold wind at that. Today was a bit warmer but still chilly if out for any amount of time. Hopefully I don't have to go out and by all four of my children new snowsuits. I have been lucky enough to spread it out from year to year but for some reason I don't think I will be so lucky this long as the kids are warm that's all that matters!

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Petula Wright said...

SHIVER!! I'm so glad I'm in GA. We (Amber and I) used to live in Upstate NY and I don't miss the negative degree temperatures one bit!! Stay warm and toasty!!