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Friday, July 25, 2008

Flexible Education

Writing effectively can be a challange for many people trying to create easy to read and understand documents. Capella University has developped a professional writing centre to help it`s over 23,000 students write more effectively and consise. The University recently decided to open their resource centre to the general public to allow everyone access to this very important skill developing opportunity. Capella university serves students all over the world expand their education and receive accredited online university degree programs in many disciplines. Their online programs allow individuals the opportunity to continue their information with lot`s of flexibility to allow you to live your life and grow your education.

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I am getting down to the last few bags for camping! Finally, I didn't think there was ever going to be an end. I am getting the laundry finished up now then will head off to bed. Matt is hoping to get off work tomorrow before noon so we can get on the road. I can't believe it took me almost a week to get everything organized! The van is getting full and I'm not sure if we will have room to take the kids along with us LOL


Trinity just finished her third week of dance camp and is a bit disappointed that she will have to miss 2 weeks because of our vacation but I think what upset her the most was that Kim her teacher was ready to start her solo next week and she was looking forward to that. She will get started when we get back which is good because it gives up extra time to find the right music for her. I think she could really use the 2 weeks away from dancing, she has been working so hard and getting exhausted. Just think, the dance year hasn't even begun for her yet!
Kohl started his first class of summer dance and loved it. This is just a class for fun where they watch a video clip from High School Musical and learn the dance. Once again he is the only boy in his class and he loves it LOL

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trip to the Doctor

I recently had the kids into the doctor's office, normally it is very frustrating to sit in the waiting room. We try to entertain them the best we can and have fun with the secretary . The doctor recently got a new PDA and online drug reference software that allowed him to quickly review the prescriptions he was considering to ensure that no conflicts would happen between the kids prescriptions. It was really impressive to see how quickly he was able to access the information he needed right there while in the room with us. We were able to get our prescriptions with confidence that we were getting the proper dosage amount and that there wouldn't be any negative interaction between them.

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Growing up I spent most of my time swimming. I was at the pool 4-5 days a week doing Synchronized Swimming. I swam at the competitive level and enjoyed many, many years of training, traveling, competing and making friends. My swimming career came to an end when I entered High School and I haven't seen any of my fello swimmers since. Last month I got an invitation to a Synchro Reunion and unfortunately it is the long weekend in August when we are away so I will have to see what we can do to get there. I spent some time today looking through some swimming photos and there are some great memories!
This is a photo of myself with my duo partner Francine. ( I am the taller one if you haven't figured that one out LOL) I believe this was our first duo together.

New Ringtones

I got my new cell phone for Christmas last year and being so busy I have just been using the regular boreing ringer that came set with it. Getting ready to go on vacation I thought it would be fun to look into downloaded a new ring tone that would be a bit cooler. I found some great beats with the Rick Ross Ringtones Rick Ross is one of the hippest rappers around today. He has a tone of hits from Hustlin, to Rick Ross The Boss Ringtone. There's a beat to fit your personality and style.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hubby was and is hoping to win us a trip for 2 to the Bahamas in February but I was getting impatient and took a trip last night. It wasn't an overly long trip but I flew right across the dinning room floor. OUCH! I tripped over the board that was blocking the kitchen from the puppy. I hit hard and messed up my legs, twisted both of my knees and pulled a muscle in my arm. My legs didn't look bad once they were cleaned up but today it hurts to stand or walk and I am surprised that there is no bruising, I guessthe ice must have helped.
Maybe my next trip will be a little bit more relaxing LOL

Monday, July 21, 2008


I need some help here.... it is time for a hair cut but I'm not sure if I want to get it cut or let it grow out longer?????? What do you think?

This first picture was my hair length last fall?

This second picture was my hair length at Christmas time?

And this is my hair length now?

So do I get it cut or let it grow????HELP ME PLEASE!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


This picture of my youngest son with the puppy is one of my favorite pictures so far so I am going to share it with you all for Misty's Camera Critters Meme !

My Puppy

I think it's very funny

The way a puppy grows

A little on her wiggly tail

A little on her nose

A little on her tummy

A little on her ears

I guess she'll be a dog all right

In half a dozen years!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weight Loss Goals

As many of you know I have been focusing on my weight for the last year, working hard to get my shape back. I have been working with my hubby on watching what we eat, trying to keep our meals at home healthier for the kids and for us along with curbing our take out nights. Along with that we have bought a treadmill and have been using that almost everyday, we've taken a small break due the heat here lately but will get going again after vacation is over. A big consideration we also had was what supplements and diet pills we should use to help us get the best results we could get. It was difficult deciding because there were so many options and not enough information out there to figure out what was best. We researched on the internet and found a site that gave us details on the 10 best diet pills which made it easier for us to pick the best option for us with our weight loss goals in mind. We are certainly on the right track with me even searching for a bikini for the beach, I haven't worn one of those in over 10 years.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Our new puppy "Breigh" is just another one of the kids. She takes part in many of the bedtime activities. She shared bath time with Blake and they had a splash!


Wednesday was the busiest day that I had this week. Not only did Trinity have dance camp but the kids also had Vacation Bible School just up the street at the Church and it was crazy hat day. Kohl was quick to find his hat which was his pirates hat that was just up in his bedroom, Jay just wore his baseball cap and Blake that was where we ran into trouble. We couldn't come up with any ideas, then when I was tucking him in bed I saw his "nono" puppy and came up with the idea to put it on his ball cap. It turned out pretty cute and everyone loved it!
Matt took the kids to the Church and I ran (drove) Trinity to her dance school. She was there until 2pm and was hot and tired. She is looking forward to another great day at dance classes next Wednesday and Kohl will be starting his dance classes then as well.


Yesterday Jay got a taste of some real hard work and if that wasn't bad enough for him, it was HOT. He ended up staying to help out with an old house demolition clean up from 9-5pm and was he (and Matt) ever tired when they got home.
This is a huge house that was once an 8 unit apartment and is now being done over by one of Matt's friends. There is a lot of work to be done so Matt and Jay will help out when they can to make a few extra dollars. I think they are planning on going back again on Sunday. Now with Jay bringing in a few dollars here and there we will look into getting him his own bank account.


I am off with the kids again this morning for their last day at Daily Vacation Bible School. I promise I will post later when things settle down. Have a great Friday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I got this award today from Tammy. Isn't she just one of the bestest people out there in the blogosphere! Thank you so much Tammy!
Now I get the pleasure to pass this award onto Jenn, Matt and Kim!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well I am with Breigh (my puppy). I think it is time to cool off, sit back and just relax. I don't know if I will get on the treadmill today. It is just so darn hot and sticky and all I want to do is have a nice refreshing shower and kick my feet up so that is what I am going to do. I am taking the rest of the night off!
And yes my puppy has an outy belly button LOL


Blake my youngest in one of the most pickiest eaters ever...not only is he just picky but he doesn't eat much at all which always leaves me wondering if he is getting enough nutrition. Slowly as time goes on he eats a bit more from time to time but I tell you I don't know what happened to him last night while we were eating supper. I made chicken and hamburger tacos, now he doesn't like the chicken or hamburger so he fills the wrap with ranch sauce and cheese, rolls it up and holds it together with a toothpick. Last night the little piggy ate.......5tacos and the last two was a hard shell wrapped with a soft taco. Where did that kid put it all. He had 2 gone before I had time to eat my first one. Oh and that wasn't the end, he had a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream followed by marshmallows by the bonfire. He was so nice to see him eat that I got a video clip of him enjoying his supper. LOL He is to cute!

Monday, July 14, 2008


This weekend with spent catching up on things that we haven't had time to do with the kids. They have been wanting a backyard bonfire so Saturday night was the night! We took the time and got everything ready settled in our chairs and watched the boys light the fire. With all the excitement we got out the marshmallows and the roasting got started. That is when it happened....Trinity flaming marshmallow fell off her stick and landed on her hand. With the panic she just sat there and looked at so you can imagine that she has a bit of a burn on her left hand. Matt took her in the house while I stayed outside with the boys (they ended up in the pool) her hand blistered quite bad but she wanted to continue on with our fun night. We didn't stay out too late because we wanted to get the yard cleaned up before dark and get the kids off to bed.
Trinity's hand is still a bit blistered but is looking a lot better and it doesn't hurt anymore! She is just thankful that the marshmallow didn't fall on her dancing feet!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Misty's Camera Critters meme is something I will be looking forward to every week and this darling little puppy is the reason why! We have had Breigh with us now for 2 weeks and she is becoming more a part of the family everyday but my God she loves to pee on the floor. I guess that is something we will have to continue to work at. I hope it doesn't take forever! In this picture she was enjoying the nice weather outside while the kids were in the pool. She doesn't like the grass and won't lay down without her blanket. What a baby LOL!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Puppy love

What a wonderful time we are having with our new puppy, minus a few accidents she is having in the house but she is just a puppy and normally she is doing a good job. Yesterday was her first trip to the beach, she wasn't too fond of the water but enjoyed wrapping in her blanket on the beach with me. She was much happier in the pool with the kids for a rince off when we got back from the beach. What will be the next fun thing to do with her?

Friday, July 11, 2008


My daughter has had glasses since she was 5 years old and so far we haven't had to buy her to many pairs of glasses. Just this past March we finally broke down and got her a new pair of frames as she is getting older but promised her a second pair when we come across a great deal. Well I guess that time has come and will be just the right time with back to school. If you haven't seen Zenni on Fox then check out the great deals that has to offer with their $8 Rx glasses. We are sure to get the best deal there is from them so my daughter will have another pair of glasses.

Not much planned here for the weekend but hubby is off and the weather is suppose to be beautiful and really warm. We might just enjoy the pool in the backyard with the kids or maybe we will venture out to one of the many beaches close by. Who knows, we will see what happens?! I know one thing for sure, we won't be doing any cookin' on the BBQ because we ran out of propane :0( hopefully we will get the tank filled soon but right now the money needs to go in the gas tank first!

How will you be spending your weekend! I hope the weather is beautiful where you are?! Have a good one!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I was tagged by Tammy for this meme and like everyone else I could use some luck these days so how could I turn it down ?!

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***End Copy***

Now I am going to tag.....Jenn, Matt, Kim, Anna and Petula!

New Glasses for My Girl

Trying to find ways to save money has become my full time job lately with the price of everything going through the roof these days. It's becoming harder and harder to balance the pay to everything we need to get. This summer my daughter needs new glasses before she goes back to school so I'm starting to shop around. I found which is an online optical store that is also a direct manufacturer so we get to save even more on our glasses because there isn't the mark-ups you would get from the local optical outlet trying to pay their rent, staff, advertising bills. It work's for me.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Look at that! Breigh got to try out her swimming legs today. When I handed her to Matt I thought she would be scared of the water and when I came back with the camera he had her swimming. She loved it and now we can't wait to take her to the beach. We will need a bigger pool next summer to make more room for the dog LOL! Just look at that face :0)


Trinity survived her first day at dance camp but she was some exhausted by the end of it and will probably be sore in the morning. She started her classes at 9:30am and danced non stop (except to change her shoes) until 2:30pm. By the end of the classes she was the only one who stayed from her original morning class and she was dancing with the 15-16 year old girls! I stayed and watch the entire time and was ready for a nap when I got home but instead I watched the kids have fun in the pool! Thank God Trinity only dances like that once a week! Well at least until September then she has quite the schedule.

Back to Dance Camp

This morning was my daughters first day at her summer dance camp, she has been waiting since her last regular class over a month to go to this camp. It is where she started with her school last year and she is looking to have a lot more fun this year as she was trying so hard to prove herself to the school last year, now everyone knows who she is and what she can do so she can just relax and have fun. Only a couple of weeks and my son will also be doing dance camp, his is more for fun and he is looking forward to it, he was a little disapointed today as he assumed he was starting too even though we were very clear he starts later.

A birds eye view

At our new home here in Nova Scotia there is so much beautiful scenery to see it is an absolute requirement to have a great set of binoculars in your vehicle for the coastal drives. We have been looking for a new set to have to keep in the van because we always find ourselves wishing we had ours only to find they were packed away at home. We found the Nikon Monarch ATB available from to be a great value for almost anyone, whether you are looking for binoculars for hunting, bird watching, getting a better view of your favorite sporting event or more like us and taking in beautiful ocean and forest views you should checkout the deals on binoculars they have.
Optics Planet even offers you a $50 gift card when you purchase a pair of Monarch Binocular's and they offer free shipping with UPS. They also offer the lowest prices available guaranteed along with knowledgeable Customer Service Reps and a secure online shopping environment.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

cell phone plan

What do you find better, pay as you go or contract plan for your cell? We had a contract for our cells for a couple of years and it was a real pain, you never knew what your bill would be and it really got up there sometimes, average for the 2 phones would be 100+ a month. We decided to switch to a pre-paid phone and now it costs us $25 a month for our 2 phones. Even with cutting our contract phones to emergency service and leaving them in a drawer at home, which costs us $40 a month until the contract is up it is still only $65. We haven't run out of minutes on our new phones once since getting them for Christmas so I feel it is well worth it to have them.

Golf Getaway

We are starting to look into a vacation for next year and have a few ideas that we are bouncing around. We would like to travel somewhere warm and are considering a trip to a beach type resort or possibly a Golf Packages in Portugal. There are many world class beautiful courses in Portugal that would certainly challange our skill so this might be a great trip.

Monday, July 7, 2008


We decided that we would take a break from our pool and yesterday after supper we took the kids to the beach. This beach is only 15 minutes from our house and it wasn't busy at all. We stayed until the sunset then headed home at rinsed the kids off in the pool. They swam until it was dark then it was time to get ready for bed.


Today is the big day! My bestest friend Jenn is having her surgery done today and I will be thinking of her all day long and just waiting to here (read) the news that everything is over with and the healing can begin. Although she is scared and nervous, she is a trooper and will be back into the swing of things before she knows it!
Jenn if you are up early reading this then I want to wish you the best of luck and we will talk when you are feeling up to it! Oh and while you are recovering and playing "bubble town" try not to kick our butts even more than you already you are making it hard to beat your score. I will be missing you, take care of yourself! HUGS!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Camera Critters

Well this is my first week doing Misty's Camera Critters Meme. We now have a puppy(purebread beagle) so we should have lots of pictures of her to share!

This is Breigh our puppy! She is only 6 weeks old and brings a lot more excitment to our family! The kids just love her!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I am not talking about the temperature outside, although it is HOT! I am talking about Blake's has been between 26-30 degrees and that is with the fan on full. I haven't been able to figure out why is stays so darn hot until last night when I was putting his swim shorts on his heater to dry....the heater was hot but the thermostat is turned off. I can't figure this one out so hubby will have to call the plumber guy to see what might be wrong. He was here a month ago to take out one of our radiators and has to come back to put on a new valve for Blake's room, so could this be why there is heat? who knows, let's just get it fixed!


Yesterday had to be one of the worst worry days of my life.....To start things off Jay went away with his friend and family to their trailer on the beach until Tuesday and I am already missing him like crazy. I am not the type of mom that likes her kids out of her site and I haven't until we moved here 1 year ago......OMG today is actually the 1 year anniversary of us moving here! Jay has met a great friend with great parents where he spends a lot of his time and I don't HAVE to worry about him (but I still do because I love to worry I guess lol) anyway he is off having fun I'm sure and I will see him on Tuesday.
So with that upsetting me then it turns to MONEY....sure who isn't feeling the pinch of a dollar these days and with the price of gas going up and groceries and so on and don't know how we are going to make ends meet. Sure before we had a budget that was already tight to the last dollar but as prices go up the incoming money isn't, so I will be looking for some part time work to help out so that the kids can continue with their basketball, guitar lessons and of course ALL the dancing. I don't think it is fair to take them from their activities, I would rather give up the tv but that really won't save us much money. Hopefully by September I will find something to help bring in some money....wish me luck!
I guess the rest of my stress all has to do about money, everything seems to link back to it these days. Trinity has dance camp starting next week and that is $120 but it's for 8 weeks and she can stay for the entire day if she wants not just the early morning so she will without of doubt get more than her moneys worth. Kohl also wants to do his dance camp next week. This one will be fun for him. They will watch a clip of a movie ex:"high school musical or jump in" learn part of a dance then do it themselves. He will have lots of fun and get to dance at the same time. Trinity's camp is all technical work and a lot of hard work at that but for her if it's not hard work she doesn't like it. I guess that is why they call her their "hard core dancer"!
What else am I worried about?.....or who I should say....My heart is with Jenn as she gets ready for her surgery on Monday. She worries, so I worry! But I know she will do just fine and feel great when it is all over! I am with ya Jenn! HUGS!!!!!
Vacation starts the end of the month and we are hoping to have enough money for that. This year we are going to try something it is.....How cheep can we do a family vacation? yep we are going to see how little money we can spend without really taking away from our fun. This really shouldn't be hard since we will be camping at a campground with nothing around to spend money on. We are right on the beach with no electricity so that there saves us money, their is no canteen for the kids to wine for treats....there is a small convenience store up the road and a small groceries store not far if we need things but no fun spending! so this should save us money and gas! We are planning on camping for 1 week, maybe a week and a half depends on the weather then will go back home with my parents for a few days. This is when we will have to be careful with our money. We want to take the kids to Magic Mountain water park for the day and maybe the zoo and visit with family. I can't wait!
But for now I will go back to worrying and getting some things done around the house. Hubby just got back from taking a van load of junk to the dump so now that is out of the way. Trinity is still sleeping and the boys are watching "Power Rangers" and the puppy is sleeping so I will go try to get some cleaning done before the kids start asking to go in the pool.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Clothes Shopping

My son is getting more into games like paint ball and the likes and is starting to want to shop for tactical gear and of course something that will last better than the stuff of the shelf at the local stores. He has turned online to shop for his gear and has been able to find the type of tactical pants that will work for him. I'm a little weary about shopping on line for clothing but these pants that he found come with an money back guarantee so he's comfortable in the pants and I'm comfortable with buying them on line. Looking at all kinds of stuff from this site and has great prices and selection.


OMG is it ever hot here! For about 3-4 day last week before we went away we had beautiful days but HOT! No I am not complaining (yet) but everyday is getting hotter and with a humidex which is making it even worse. Since we got back the other day the temperatures have been right around 30 degrees (and that is without the humidex added to it). All I can say is thank heavens for the pool. The kids have spent a good part of the day swimming to keep cool (I enjoyed the air conditioner while driving to get the new pool cover) with breaks in the house to get out of the sun. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the kids swimming, I only thought about the camera after the kids were in the pool (yes both times). When (if) it cools off I will try to finish mowing the lawn and I'll water the flowers.
So how is the puppy doing????! We had another great day with her, still all she does is sleep but she is starting to get a little bit more energy as she chases Blake through the house, my God those two are going to keep us busy! LOL Earlier today both Blake and Breigh (puppy) went missing, not to worry they didn't go far, they were both in the BIG dog kennel playing. I guess it is there new secret hideout! Those two are going to be the best of friends! :0)

A beautiful new career

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What a beautiful day

It's only early in the morning and it's already a scorcher out, it's supposed to get really hot by the afternoon and stay sunny through the whole weekend. Summer is finally here...too bad hubby has to work all weekend, Saturday night and Sunday :0(. Only a few more weeks until our vacation, it'll be nice to have a couple of weeks together as a family.

Quality Concrete

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What a Day

What a hectic day, after getting home from our mini vacation, we worked on cleaning up all the clothes and things from the trip, of course the lawn needed a mowing, the kids needed to have a swim in the pool because it was almost 30 today, really hot for those of you that use Fahrenheit to measure. Of course we needed to fill up the cupboards as we have been away so we went for grocery tonight and we also finally finished the carpet in our new walk-in closet. I am getting ready to head to bed finally...ZZZZZZZZZ

Planning the Dream Home

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We made it home after a very busy few days! The puppy is doing so well and soooo far is a good puppy. She slept the whole 5 hours home and thank God for me she still slept through the night because I was exhausted. She is up no running around the living room (no carpet), playing with her toys and chewing my ankles lol. The kids are still sleeping and when they get up I'm sure they will head right to the pool, it was HOT at 7:00am and getting hotter as time goes on.
When I get things organized here I will post more about the weekend but right now I have lots to do and a puppy to chase!

Quality Supplements For Life

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