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Saturday, July 5, 2008


I am not talking about the temperature outside, although it is HOT! I am talking about Blake's has been between 26-30 degrees and that is with the fan on full. I haven't been able to figure out why is stays so darn hot until last night when I was putting his swim shorts on his heater to dry....the heater was hot but the thermostat is turned off. I can't figure this one out so hubby will have to call the plumber guy to see what might be wrong. He was here a month ago to take out one of our radiators and has to come back to put on a new valve for Blake's room, so could this be why there is heat? who knows, let's just get it fixed!


jenn said...

I hope they are able to fix the problem soon.

Petula Wright said...

Yea, I hope it's fixed soon too. Although I don't like the cold I also don't like when it's too hot!

Tammy said...

Oh the poor little guy! It must be unbearable in there for him. I hope you get it fixed soon.