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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I can sure tell you all that
most of my morning are filled with lots of fun with Blake around and do you think I can keep my house clean...forget it. After the cereal was spilled all over the family room floor and was somewhat cleaned up Blake thought it would be a great idea to once again turn my couch into his little cabin. Yah, sure he's having fun but when you have a cabin mess to clean up in almost every room it gets to be too much. Hey who needs toys in this house. As long as my kids are building cabins around here nothing else seems to matter. So even though I am stuck cleaning up the mess they are having a great time building and creating their cabins. I was pretty impressed with the one Blake made today...he was able to crawl in it without it falling in on him...Great job buddie:0) Your brothers will be jealous!


Petula Wright said...

How cute! I remember when Amber used to build forts (that's what she called them) with the couch cushions! Hmmm, I also remember all the cleaning up! Whew! At least he's having fun. :-)

Anna said...

That's a neat cabin. I can't keep my house cleaned, and I don't have anyone going around building cabins from the furniture. Not sure what my excuse is!