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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reunion time Made Easier

It is time for me to start thinking about my High School Reunion, with the way the World is today there is so much more moving done over the years that even the most organized individual will lose contact with some of the people in their lives. Using the helpful program from MyLife allows you to search by name which can save a lot of time. I made a number of inquiries to see how it would work to help me find someone from my past life.I was surprised on how many successful hits the network was able to provide me for my classmates. I was even able to recruit some assitance from Barbara and Heather to help find the remainder of our class . I set them up with MY LIFE too so we can get through the list so much faster. One of the loved ones I am searching for is my cousin (Sandy) that moved away right after High School, we've lost contact over the years and using My Life I wasn't able to find her but I was able to find her sister and make contact with her. It will be a very exciting time next summer when we all get together for the reunion.


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