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Monday, December 1, 2008


What a great weekend! My parents came to visit Thursday night and we went none stop the entire time they were here. Friday night Zellers (retail store that hubby manages) had a great midnight madness sale, hubby had to work, my dad stayed home and watched a movie with the boys and I went shopping with my mom, my daughter Trinity and my sister, we were there from 5pm until 10:30pm. My mom wanted to get Trinity a 3 piece luggage set that was on special ($100 for $30) but the catch was there was only 6 sets and the sale only started on the luggage at 8pm so I stood there until 8pm to get the luggage and yes I got one, a purple set at that! We got a lot of shopping done Friday and again Friday night, I tell you when we got back we were more than ready for bed. Saturday the boys had dance classes so my mom got to go watch them dance, Kohl is doing so well with his dancing, my mom made a comment during Kohl's ballet class that he didn't get a turn on the music box in their dance choreography, so I told her that he didn't get to do the music box, he got to do all the girls LOL well that didn't quite come out the way I meant it too but his dance teacher got a laugh... Now what I did mean was that he got to have all the turns twirling and holding the girls hands LOL anyway we all got a laugh. Later that afternoon my sister and her 3 girls plus 2 others came here for a visit. What a house full that was. They didn't stay long with having very tired kids so they headed back to her boyfriends parents house and we went over to visit after supper. It was a great night visiting and lots of laughs. I tell you by the end of another busy night we were all off to bed. My parents left yesterday morning so we got ready and went to the park for our Christmas family pictures. I know that next year we are going to get them done earlier when it's a lot warmer so we can take out time and not look so frooooozen! They didn't turn out too bad :0) I will have more pictures posted on my FAMILY BLOG!!!Come check them out!!!!
This is going to be Another crazy week and I am working almost 40 hours. Christmas is getting closer and the shopping is almost done and I will get some more wrapping done later today (if I don't end up back in bed lol)
Anyway I hope you had a great weekend and I will try to get some blog hopping done!


Tammy said...

What a beautiful family photo!

jenn said...

Where are you hiding????

Miss you girlie!