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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


What a mess I woke up to very early this morning. I ran to the noise that I thought was Blake being sick, I ran to the kitchen on my way to him crabbed a bowl (he doesn't like to throw up,...gross I know....In the toilet) when I turned around all I saw was blood. He had the worst nose bleed ever. Now nose bleeds aren't unusual for him but nothing this bad. I quickly got the bleeding under control then got him cleaned up but what a mess. Luckily he went back to sleep once we were sure it had stopped and he did manage to sleep in until just after 8 this morning! Needless to say that we had a lazy morning together but it was much needed.
Tonight the Trinity and Kohl have there school Christmas concert so that is where I will be tonight. Trinity got the night off from dancing class for having perfect attendance and I think it will be a nice break for her and I have the night of from work....well at least until the concert is over, I'm sure to be called in for extra hours. I have been working every night lately until 1 am and expect that to be my schedule the rest of the week and possibly next week. The schedule looks good for me over the Christmas holiday so we should be able to go home to be with family after boxing day! Now we just have to hope that the weather co operates! Fingers crossed!
The snow is gone already :0( we woke up this morning to rain and high winds with a temperature of 14 degrees. It looks miserable outside right now!
OK I guess I should go get supper ready and then the kids for this evening.

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jenn said...

Poor little guy! Is there a reason he has so many nose bleeds?

Good for you getting all the extra hours.. Money is nice, huh?

I have Kasi's Christmas concert tomorrow night. Should be fun!