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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feeding the Sweet Tooth

My Hubby and I are trying to lose a few pounds and with the cold weather months it seems to be more difficult than ever. We enjoyed getting out and walking whether up to the school for the kids or around the block. We also suffer from what you would call a sweet tooth that finds us craving Candy Bars all the time. My husband and I both work in the mall although at opposite ends it makes it so easy to sneak a treat for break. One of our favorites is the Milky Way Candy Bar a delicious mix of chocolate nougat and caramel coated in my favorite milk chocolate. Now we don't want to exclude any of our other favorites but we have many, if I'm not in a chocolate mood I usually turn to my favorite sugar candy, Mike N Ike's, they come in so many flavors you can fix almost any craving. They come in all kinds of flavors, grape, berry, tropical and of course the original fruit flavors pack. These are a great solution for those snacky moments that you need a little fix. These are just some of my favorite Candy what kind of sweets do you enjoy when you need a snack?

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