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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I just got home from picking up the kids from school and have lots to get done in the next couple of hours. Trinity dances at 5pm, I go to work for 5pm and Matt is off at 5pm, oh and I can't forget Jay has a basketball game at 5pm....luckily somehow everything will work out and everyone will get to where they need to be, hopefully the snow will hold off until at least the kids get back home safe. We are expecting a messy night right until morning so I am thinking the kids won't have school tomorrow but hopefully the roads clear by noon because I have to go get the registration and plates done on my truck.
I am getting pretty excited for Saturday. This is my day with Jay at the ski hill and we have both been looking forward to this day since last winter! The weather is looking great with nice temperatures so we could be staying into the evening!
I am almost finished the painting on Blake's wall! Then that will put us into kitchen renovation mode. We have huge decisions to make with the kitchen cabinet doors but first we will have to have a few more cabinets built. Well that's it for now....lots to do!

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