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Friday, February 20, 2009

time for a vacation

My husband and I have been together for 10 years now and one of the big regrets so far has been that we never had a real honeymoon. With having a couple of small children it was hard to leave them behind as we are a bit on the protective side. We always wanted to get away to somewhere tropical and enjoy some time on the beach together just the two of us. With me working now we are starting to get caught up on some bills and after planning a big trip with the kids we will plan a trip for just us after that. Every once in a while I find myself sneaking a peak at the beautiful caribbean hotels that we are hoping to travel to. It will be absolutely fantastic to get away to relax and just enjoy being together without all the demands of daily life. We of course will be looking to get an all inclusive vacation package so we don't have to worry about taking a bunch of extra money with us to cover expense and we won't have to worry about travelling off the resort itself. I think it is probably every couples dream to have a beautiful caribbean vacations together, what kind of trips have you taken with your significant other and would you have any advise for us in planning our trip.

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Anna said...

We haven't really taken any major trips, either. We are planning to go somewhere for our 25th anniversary, but we haven't figured out where yet.