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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

We have been renovating our home for a while and it is finally starting to come to a finish. We are now looking for some new ideas for decorating our newly renovated space. My husband used to be into exotic fish and when we got together he had this giant tank filled with all types of salt water fish it really was beautiful. He found it relaxing to sit and watch them swim around after a long day of work. We have one area in our living room that is big enough to support a nice saltwater tank and I am thinking of buying him one for Father's Day as a surprise. When looking into places to buy saltwater fish I found some great offers online, yes you can buy fish online, I was surprised too. The site I found offers free shipping on orders over $225 directly to your home. They take such great pride in their livestock that they issue a 14 day guarantee and if they for some reason perish you can receive a store credit depending on certain conditions. This guarantee allows you to shop with confidence that you will be receiving quality products. I will have to also order some live coral to add for decoration. I love the vibrant colors of the coral. I think he will be surprised with his gift and will be able to relax in the evenings when I am at work.

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