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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Need some body work

Recently while waiting for the kids at school I got hit by another vehicle. I was paying attention to my son in the back seat and was nudged by another vehicle that was parked infront of me. It took me by such surprise that I sat there stunned for a minute as the other vehicle drove off. I got out and looked over the front of the van and sure enough the hood was dented in and the paint chipped. Hubby was going to be mad at me, I borrowed his van and smashed it up. I was surprised that he wasn't mad at me at all and was glad we were all ok. We will now be looking for anauto body anaheim shop to do the repairs for us. I unfortuetly didn't get any information on the jeep that hit us so we had to put it through our insurance. The auto body repair companies that we got to look at it were all good and willing to work with us and our insurance to get the repairs done quickly. If you have any autobody needs check out autobody repair shops online through search engines for your area to find ones in your area that can service you.

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