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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cell phone Shopping

We recently had a falling our with our cell phone provider, I don't want to get into the whole issue but it had to do with the washing maching a broken phone and how much they were going to charge to get a replacement. It ended up being cheaper to cancel our contract rather than buy a replacement. Now the hunt was on where to go and what to do, we have built a dependance on our phones so we really had no choice but to get new phones and service. We discovered where we were able to find all sorts of industry news and Smart Phone Reviews to get a good idea of what was available. They also offer listings of new and used phones that are available so once you know what type of phone you are looking for you can check back to find the type of phone that you want. 150It is very impressive what is available on the market for phones these days compared to what we had a few years ago. The technology continues to grow as more and more applications are added to cell phones. With the help of SmartPhoneMonkey it won't take us long to figure out what phones are best for us.

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