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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Roofing Contractor

The weather is finally getting warmer so we have been getting a few much needed renovation projects done on the exterior of the house. Last summer we replace quite a few windows and closed in our garage door with a window to extended the living space in our house. Our plans this year is to have both the front and side exterior doors replaced, which we now have one done and will be replacing the other today or tomorrow. From there we do have more work to be done including some exterior painting, possibly replacing part of our fence and then comes the roof, but I think we will be putting that one off as long as possible. Apparently in this area it is hard to find a good company that does roof work right. If you happen to live in the Kansas area and are looking to have your roof replaced by a company that puts customers first then get in touch with a Kansas City Roofer to have the job done right.
We have a list of things to get done but we are hoping that by fall we have the list crossed off and new one started for the winter months on the inside renovations once again. Will there ever be an end to the projects?

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