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Monday, May 18, 2009

Disney World Vacations

One of my favorite vacations would have to be my family vacation down to Disney Orlando. It was a very exciting week filled with lots of adventure, great dining and fun. We took advantage of the hopper passes so we could take in all the different parks that Disney has to offer. One big advantage that we also had was that we stayed in the accomadations offered by Disney rather than stay out of the parks. This allowed us to take advantage of the great Disney bus system to get around so much easier to all the attractions. The Hotel Suite was fantastic with all the amedities you would expect and more. We really had great weather while we were staying so we took advantage of the 2 great Water Parks, Disney World has to offer. I would have to say without a doubt that the Typhoon Lagoon was our favorite of all the parks. It was exciting to ride all the water slides, but I would have to say the Surf Pool with it's 6' waves was the most fun. I thought the Surf Pool was set up very well, with it's lounging area with beautiful white sand beaches. There were also a convient locker area so we could store our stuff there for the day. We especially loved the large clock that was set up so the kids could keep an eye on the time and new when to check in with us. If you are looking for a great family vacation that will give your family a lifetime of great memories I would really have to recommend a trip to Disney. There is literally something for everyone at Disney world, you can even order a Free DVD to help you get a better idea of what Disney has to offer. By visiting you can find all the best deals on Disney World Tickets and save even more on your dream vacation.

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