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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Looking for power

I have been commenting on my blog about our friends renovation project of his old turn of the century home for a while now. They are just starting into the stage of reconstruction but at this time they don't have any power. The project is getting into full gear so they need to be able to work whenever possible. Until they can get ready to have the electricity hooked up they needed to find aDiesel Generator so they can have light and hydro to run the tools they are using. Jason had been renting a generator for a while for this project but when he realized in the long run it would be cheaper to buy a unit with the option to sell it when he didn't need it anymore it seemed we needed a little research. We turned to an online dealer of Diesel Generators to find out what we would need to handle the workload we were looking for. The online site was very helpful in determining the size of generator he would need. It showed us different alternatives and different manufactures to get the right unit. As the home is not very secure at this time they are travelling back and forth with all the tools, it seemed to make sense to look into Towable Diesel Generators so they could tow it back and forth to the site when they were going to work on it. I can't wait to see what they can get done over the next few months, he is hoping to be able to get into 1 unit by the fall and have another one rented by winter, good luck guys.

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carmat said...

I really need to get a generator, we have an older home and the basement leaks when it rains, it has a channel all around the floor that takes the water to a pump but once the power was out and the basement flooded, a generator would have been very handy.