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Friday, May 22, 2009

Camping Night Ghost Stories

Camping season is coming up soon and that means the Friday Night "theme nights" will be coming up soon. The campsite we stay at send out a welcome letter at the start of the season to let everyone know what events will be happening over the summer. One of the kids favorite nights is the Halloween Night in which we all get to decorate our camp sites for Halloween and the kids get to dress up in their favorite Costumes Now one thing is that it is hard to find Halloween costumes for the kids in June so I turned online and found great sites that have Costumes for all occasions all year round. They have a great selection of Boys Halloween Costumes which is great because I have 3 boys that all want cool costumes. We haven't decided on all the boys costumes yet but I have one that wants to be Joker from the Batman, he loves the character and I guess wants to be the bad boy for Halloween night. He normally is the best behaved but it's a night to act up out of character so I hope he has a ball. Now for the princess there are all kinds of beautiful Girls Halloween Costumes and there isn't any doubt on what she will be a beautiful flowing Princess dress is in here future the only question is what color she wants to go with. She has been working on growing her hair out all year for just such an occasion. The site we found offers same day shipping and will guarantee the delivery date. Normally I can guess the costume sizes pretty good but just in case they also offer a generous return policy just in case. I can't wait for the dress up night, bring on the Ghouls.

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John said...

I just love these kids cool costumes !