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Saturday, May 16, 2009

A different kind of online auction

Shopping online is becoming such a great way to get the best deals available on everything from gift cards to electronics. Online auctioning sites are growing in popularity and acceptance. Most of these sites operate all the same, buyers line up and place bids, one upping each other until the time limit expires so the item goes to the highest bidder. 60 I recently discovered the Dubli Network which offers a completely different type of auctioning service. It's a revolutionary process called a reverse auction. What is a reverse auction, quite simply with each passing bid the price of an item is actually pushed lower and lower until someone purchases the items. The excitement of the Dubli system is you can decide how low you want to go and if you are patient you can wait for people to enter another lower bid and save yourself even more. Now the risk is that someone else might just buy the item out from under you if you wait too long but don't worry because as soon as one item is gone another one is put in its place and the process starts all over again. In Dubli the site is always full of excitement as the buzz of activity and people saving money is very obvious.

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This is an interesting perspective. I was looking for the same kind of information. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

With the global financial crisis not showing any signs of letting up, more and more people are looking for cheaper ways to buy any type of product. The Dubli Shopping Portal may just hold the answer. So if you find that shopping online is closely resembling window shopping at the mall because you can’t afford the things that you like, maybe you should consider other options. The Dubli Network has been tried and tested in Europe for years. Millions of people have taken part in these reverse auctions and they love it.