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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ready for Summer

The days are finally getting longer and the sun is so warm, we have survived another long cold winter and I am so looking forward to Summer. There is one thing that really gets me in the mood for summer, shopping for new Shoes. I have a big family, with 4 kids they need lots of shoes and sandals to make it through the Summer months. I have tried in the past to buy cheap shoes to save some money but what always happens you get what you pay for and they break at the worst times. I wanted to get the kids good quality sandals that would last them the Summer. I was shopping online the other night while I was at work (it's alright we are allowed to shop between calls) I was looking for great shoes for the kids and found some Stride Rite Shoes that fit the bill. I love the styles and colors and the quality looks very good. There are styles and colors that will fit all my kids and the site offers a 75 day return policy and free shipping. The entire selection of sandals are on sale right now up to 25% off so the more I save the more shoes I can buy. My son just turned 13 yesterday so he is a little harder to buy for, he needs to look cool. He looked through the selection of Converse Shoes and found a couple of pairs that will meet his peer groups approval. I really enjoy shopping for summer shoes and clothes I find it really lifts my spirits up after the winter blues. Common Summer we are ready for you in this house.

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