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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift...Direct TV

I have been racking my brain trying to decide what to get my wonderful husband for Father's Day. It has been such a busy year with me going back to work and working every night until 1am he has really had to take over the home front and I want to show my appreciation. He manages to keep the house reasonably clean, the laundry and dishes done, the kids get homework, showered and fed every night and he never complains about anything. The one thing he really enjoys is being able to sit back and enjoy some relaxing TV time after the kids are all off to bed, oldest goes at 10pm. Sometimes he has a hard time finding anything to watch so I was thinking an upgrade to direct tv would be a great idea for Father's day. It comes with free installation so I figured I could it set up while he was at work during the day and surprise him. The upgrade to HD programing would make the most out of our HD Tv and with the built in DVR he can set it up to watch his favorite shows when he has time. I know he hates missing his Nascar races when they are on while the kids are up, especially the Saturday night races and this way he will be able to watch them after the kids go to bed. I think I might be more excited planning the surprise than he will be getting it but I know he will love have the HD experience and programing selection of Direct tv for all the nights he stays up to make sure I get home alright.

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