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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Graduation Gift

I have to say I am very proud of my son, I was worried when we moved a couple of years ago. He has always taken our moves the hardest when it was time to leave. This move was great for him he made friends right away at his new school and loved some of his new found freedom. Our house we bought was only 3 houses down from his Jnr. High School so it was great he could walk himself to school and come home for lunch, he has friends that lived right beside us so he is able to hang out with them all the time. The best thing for him was one of his friends Mothers was a teacher at the School so he would go there on Friday nights for the "Adults" Poker night and hang out with his friend while the adults played cards. The great thing all the adults that were there were teachers at the school so he got to know them well. He has done a lot of us over the last year as he has taken over as our babysitter on the odd night that both hubby and I work and he has done a super job. Now he is graduating to high school and I want to get him a new watch so he can keep track of his time better. I wanted to get him a watch that looked cool but would last. Seeing as he is all boy he is hard on watches and normally breaks them pretty fast. I found these casio watches with the metal strap and "G" Shock technology I think it will last for him. He prefers digital time rather than analog time so that was something I had to consider. It also features a stop watch which is great because he is often having races with the kids. He also does a lot of swimming in the summer so it has to be water-proof because if he takes it off he will lose it. I think this will be the perfect watch for my growing young man. The site I found it at also offers free 2nd day shippins so we can get our watch in no time at all.

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