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Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting Ready for Spring

When it comes to going comfortable to work my friend that works at the hospital tells me that there is nothing more comfortable than Scrubs. She has a collection of scrubs that can fill an entire closet and not only does she wear these to work but also around the house as casual wear and for PJ's. She finally convinced me to try a pair for around the house and sold me on a beautiful pair of cotton scrubs. It took me a bit to pick from all the fantastic styles and colors that were available but I finally picked a Cherokee top that you see above, I loved the colors and pattern and could see wearing this just about anywhere. To finish off the look I of course had to find a pair of co-ordinating Cherokee pants to complete the outfit. I was surprised by the pricing for the quality of the products that were offered on the website. There was even free shipping offered on all orders over $50 so it definetly made it well worth it to shop for a complete outfit.
If you are looking to add some excitement and flair to your work wear for Spring you should checkout the colorful new lines of cherokee workwear scrubs that are now available. There is such a great assortment you don't have to worry about looking cookie cutter at work. With such great colors and patterns you can definetly show off your individuality while still portraying a professional image.

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