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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Party Planner

There is so much to consider when planning a party, with summer comming it means one thing , it's BBQ season. We are hoping to build a new deck out the side of our home this year and with that comes lots of new plans on how we can enjoy our new space. The first thing of course will be buying a new BBQ to replace our rust bucket, after that it will be to make a real entertainment destination. We are planning on building benches all around the perimeter of the deck so we can have seating for everyone to come over. Now once we get outside in the sun we don't want to have to be going in and out for beverages so we though ti would be cool to have some decorative Ice Buckets. To match our home we decided to look for a Red Champagne Bucket. We were able to find some at the Champagne Bucket website. We found a great assortment of buckets at very reasonable prices with guaranteed fast shipping you can order and be ready for your next event. So once the wheather starts to co-operate we will be getting out to start our yard make over. Summer is coming what will you do to enjoy your hot days.

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