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Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Need A Real Bath Tub

The one thing that we have not liked about our home since we moved in was the bathroom situation. We do have 2 bathrooms but I don't find either one is very nice. The one on the main floor, which is also closest to our bedroom only has a small stall type shower in it. The bathroom upstairs only has a tub, which is a nice porcelin footed antique bath tub but I find it a cold tub. I am intending to have this situation fixed, and maybe it won't be both bathrooms right away I do want to make changes to the main floor bathroom. This change entails moving the toilet and then installing a tub/shower in it's place. I tend to lean on my husband for almost all the renovation projects in our home but when it comes to water he is hesitant to tackle the job. We will be consulting with Carrollton Plumber in the near future to find out an accurate price estimate and scope of work to get the bathroom changes that we want. Sometimes you just need to know when to contact the experts and let them do the job. When it comes to water what might be a small imperfection or error in the work could cost thousands to have repaired down the road.

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