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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pregnancy Memories

I was recently remembering back to my pregnancies and all the fun moments that came along with them. I know a lot of people suffer with morning sickness but for the most part I didn't have too much problems with that. I know I had a lot of food cravings, one with my Daughter was a Cesar Pita Wrap from Wendy's that I had to have almost everyday. They discontinued them shortly after she was born and I think about them every time I'm in there. I worried a lot when I was pregnant that I was doing everything I could to take care of the baby. I would worry about the position I would sleep in that I might squish the baby. It was kind of funny as I was approaching the end of my pregnancies I would almost sense it was time to go into labor and would get out and get active. For one son I went to a amusement park with the other kids and ended up on a trampoline before bringing them home, guess what, labor that night. Then for our last son I went out with the kids for Trick or Treating and it was a brisk/long walk and again, labor that night. I certainly enjoyed pregnancy each and every time and if it wasn't for money concerns would have probably given those TV Mom's (Kate and 17 & counting) a run for their money. When I was pregnant there were lots of books to get information from but now a days there are multiple web-sites to reference for just about any question you could have regarding your pregnancy. The best advise I can give to anyone that is pregnant is to enjoy every single day of your pregnancy.

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