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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Baby Love

Some of the most exciting times in my life have been my pregnancies. Having 4 children can certainly be a handful at times but I look back now on each of my pregnacies with such amazement. It is something really only a mother can understand linking to this little life that is developing inside. I can remember talking with my husband with each of the kids trying to figure out what sex the baby would be, what would we name the baby either way, what type of person would they be in their lives. I can remember painting a room twice because we thought it might be a boy and than later on decided it might be a girl so we had to decided on a more neutral color to paint. With our last couple of children we decided it would be better to know ahead of time so we could be better prepared for the arrival and I would suggest it to anyone becuase I found it allowed you to really grow a bond already knowing they would be a baby boy. We were able to be set on a name and have the room completely prepared. It is amazing to watch them develop and grow into individuals as the years go by. Even though I had been through pregnancy before I always had many questions and second guessed every stage of pregnancy, the only thing that got me through the stages was looking up information to make sure I was on track to where I should be, books and websites like "Parents Connect" are great assets in keeping your sanity while you are going through pregnancy and also through every stage of your childs life.

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