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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who's that number?

Don't you hate when you have been out for a while or away on a vacation and you come home to find strange phone numbers on your caller display that you just don't know who they belong too. It can be extreamly frustrating to see these and trying to debate on whether you should call them back or not can weigh on your mind. To make things easier for you there are now free services you can use online that are connected to the National Phone Listings. It is so easy to use all you have to know is the phone number you want to inquire on, you type it into the search location and all the information available for that number will be displayed. You can find out who the number is registered to and what the address is. It can also display what type of phone line the call came from whether land line, cell line or business line to help you determine the validity of the call. This is also a great service to use if you get a call while home from a number you don't recognize you can let it ring and take the number off your display and plug it in to see what information is available.

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