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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Creative Newspaper Bags

The one thing I look forward to finding in my mail every week has to be my flyers, I am a true shopoholic and love to browse through the flyers before the sales start so I can plan my shopping attack. The company that delivers our newpaper and flyers used to just bundle them up and throw them in the driveway, which isn't so bad if the weather is good but in the winter or when it rains there was nothing worse than getting a soppy wet soaking pile of flyers. After many of my neighbors and I complained they moved to having Newspaper Bags to place the papers and flyers in before dropping them at the door, another improvement was the door hanging bag, similar to what I have pictured here that they began using so the flyers/newspaper would actually get put right on our front door. Sometimes it's as simple as that to get your deliver to work with the vendor to develop a product to make everyones life easier. The company can even put messages or tint the newspaper bags to the carriers desires. I am sure all the companies that used this service to get their flyers out are much happier now as it ensures their customers will get the advertisements they are intended to get. It really is a win/win senerio when everyone works together.

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