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Monday, April 27, 2009

Planning a renovation project

This year we have decided to focus more on the inside of our home than the outside. We spent most of last year doing renovations to the exterior, lots of new windows, work on the yard came with lots of sod and plants to spruce up the curb appeal and allow us to enjoy our yard. We had to make some tough decisions as owning an older home it seems like everything needs done at once. On a budget we had to work hard to figure out the most bang for our buck and what renovations we should do now and what ones we should wait until later to do. We did some reserch with some Denver Remodeling sites to figure out what to do. With a little thought we were directed to our main floor bathroom and kitchen. Our downstairs bathroom has a shower but no tub and the cabinet really is hurting for style so some replacements were in need. We try to do a lot of things ourselves but with plumbing and water involved we thought it would be better to use a service to do this renovation. On to the kitchen we had to make some alterations to fit our appliances in when we moved and now it's time to reface our existing cabinets. The decision was a little easier when we figured these are some of the main rooms of our home and also provide the most return at resale which with us we seem to move every few years so that is important to consider for us.

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Anonymous said...

good luck with your new project. try saving some money if you have like older surfaces , you can restore it with a diy kit which i used myself for a older home i purchased. i know the feeling