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Friday, April 24, 2009

Back to the Maniac Mansion

With the warmer temperatures finally supposed to be arriving here over the weekend, my husbands friend has started bugging him about getting back to work on the "Maniac Mansion" as my husbands so fondly named Jason's old turn of the Century house he bought last Spring. They worked together with some other local guys all last year tearing the house back down to the studs with his vision of rebuilding the home back to it's original condition and stlying. Let me tell you over the course of last year there was one giant bunch of Junk Hauling done out of this building. They almost completed 2 floors of the house last year but with me working this year it is harder for Hubby to find the time to help out. He has been talking to Jason trying to convince him to check out some local Demolition Companies to come in and give him so quotes on finishing up the decontruction of the final floor so he can get the demolition part of the job finished and start on the contruction phase. He likes to do everything himself but really it would probably be much cheaper in the long run to have professionals come in that are experts in this type of work to just get it done and be able to move on. It really is easy to find a specialist in your area to get things done quickly by just doing a Internet search for example just type in the area you are looking for and you will get links to various providers, looking for junk removal in the San Diego area type in Junk Removal in San Diego and you will find links to providers that can help you get your job done quick and professionally, many service providers can service you same day or next day and offer quotes online with just a few questions. Trust me it is a lot easier than trying to do it all yourself with dumpsters and some guys from the neighborhood.

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