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Friday, April 24, 2009

Camera Critter

We have been having a lot of trouble with our precious little princess chewing almost anything she can get her mouth on the last week. I am not sure what has gottone into her but it sure is annoying. The boys were outside cutting down dead branches out of the trees outfront and she claimed a few branches for herself, sneaking them off and burying them and eventually taking this one and chomping it down until it was in pieces.

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Snap said...

My goodness ... wonder what she thinks she needs in her diet? !!!

i beati said...

getting those teeth ready-= she has lots of denta stx and chewy toys ? i always replace as soon as they chew something they shouldn't - about the thirds time they know not

Dianne said...

does sound like she's teeting
just keep giving her lots of things that are OK to chew
she's very cute

Karen said...

As others have said ... it sounds like she is teething..

She is a cutie :-)

Misty Dawn said...

I can definitely relate to this! I have Puppy Scissor-Teeth living in my home, after all ;-)

Ria said...

my dog used to be the same way...the vet said something about him trying to find a way to get extra minerals in his diet. he stopped chewing on trees and grass, as well as soil, when i gave him some vitamins with minerals.

my shot is here this week!
hope you can drop by!