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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Excellant Shapewear

I have been working on improving my body image for a while now and some days it sure seems like I have hit the wall on progress. With working late nights I have found my self feeling completely drained of energy almost all the time. By the time I get off at 1 and get home to sleep it is normally 2 or 3 which doesn't leave much time for sleep. I have read that your body doesn't like to lose weight when it is over tired so I try to catch up during the morning hours after the older kids get to school but it's hard to do that because I still have 1 little guy at home. He will watch a show in the morning which buys me an hour. I have been looking for some clothing that will help me feel better about myself and how I fit and feel in my clothing. I recently discovered a line of Shapewear by Marena Everyday that really does the job to make you feel better about where your at. The fabric that is used to craft you clothing will actually cut you down by at least a full size, without making you feel trapped and stuffed into something too small. The Marena Everyday collection is designed to fit and feel like a 2nd layer of skin which definetly lets you breath. The material also promotes a healthy circulation and lymphatic drainage which will make your legs feel less tired and allow you to work out harder. As the material breaths so easy you can wear it for hours, through the daily grind of your day or through a rigorous workout without worrying about sweat as the material pulls sweat away from your body and releases it into the environment. Now I would have to say perhaps the best feature of this shapewear was that it works to minimize the appearance of "cottage cheese" legs or cellulite by improving lymph drainage and circulation which improves the appearance of your skin. If this is starting to sound too good to be true, right now there is even a free giveaway on the home website so get started on feeling better about yourself.285

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