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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Getting ready for Dance Competition

It's that time of year when the kids dance year is finishing up and they are getting ready for competition and year end dance show. We decided to shop for costumes online this year instead of trying to make our own this year. The girls are very excited when we showed them what we found. We were able to find a great selection of Costumes and the favorite of the girls was this Egyptian costume for their "Walk like an Egyptian" dance. While I was shopping for the girls I also was able to get lots of ideas for Halloween. There are Halloween costumes for every occasion. We love to go out on Halloween as a family so we need to have new Adult Halloween Costumes, we love to have fun with the kids by dressing up to. Now for the Kids Halloween Costumes that's a bit more of a challenge since the kids are all different ages they all like different things. One is looking for Starwars, Clone Trooper costume, I think it's just so he can have a blaster to carry around. Our youngest little guy is into Iron Man, but I think he'll expect to be able to fly if he gets this costume. What every they decide we are going to have a great time and with shopping online we will save a lot of time to enjoy our Hallow's Eve

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