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Monday, April 20, 2009

Remodeling Heaven

When we bought our home about 2 years ago it seemed like the perfect home for us It had lots of room for all the kids and was very centrally located to the schools that we wanted the kids to go to. The Junior High is three buildings up the road and the Elementary school is about a 5 minute walk. The house was also very close to work for my Husband and I, only a 10 minute drive. It really is a great home but, it is a bit older so we are always into renovations. In the last 2 years we have had to replace the roof and most of the windows. This year we are looking at the main doors and possibly the fence, which is in poor condition. Next year we will be remodeling the kitchen which will be another big job for a contractor. We have tried to do a lot of the little jobs ourselves but some of the bigger ones we leave to contractors like the experts from Seattle Remodeling. Using Contractors to do the bigger jobs is easier for us because the jobs are focused on and get done quickly. My husband can handle a lot of jobs but he does them around work and that tends to drag them out a bit and since it's our home sometimes we live in a bit of a mess while the job is getting done. Contractors Services are good for us because they can help us plan out the projects and do a better job of costing out things than we sometimes do.

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