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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Building relationships online

When my neighbor lost her husband a couple of years back it started a very lonely time in her life. She was used to the companionship of her husband for her entire life and their children had moved away for work. With support from her friends and church groups she began the hard battle of getting back out and making new friends. We had been helping her over the last couple of years to become more computer savy as she wanted to be more part of the times. Now that she was able to navigate the Internet and work emails we suggested that she join a Senior Chat Room to meet some new people and begin to build a new relationship. She has begun to look into this as an option, many of these sites are designed to be free to use, you simply have to register and build your profile. Once you have finished this you can browse through the members and contact the ones you would like to contact. You can contact via chat or webcam to see who you are talking to and get a more personalized feel for who they are. Many mature people have been able to build meaniful relationships later in life with the help of this type of chat room.

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