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Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring has sprung

The days are finally starting to get warmer and I for one can't wait to get outside and enjoy our yard. Spring always means for me it's time to get out and plant some flowers and work on getting the lawn going after a long winter. We did a lot of work on our lawn last year to try and get it to thicken up and stay green. It was our first full Summer in our house and the previous owners kind of abused or neglected their green paradise. We normally use fertilizer on our lawn to get it greened up but this year it seems like it is the appropriate time to become more "Green Conscious" and use products that are better for the environment. The kids spend so much time running, rolling and playing on the lawn it only makes scense for us to use organic and
natural lawn care products to green our lawn instead of the fertilizers and pesticides that have been used for years to control weeds, pest and to make the lawn green and full. It will much more satisfying this summer knowing with just a few minor alterations to our lawn care habits we will be helping to keep the environment and our children healthier.

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