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Friday, April 24, 2009

Do you want a bag with that, Earth Day?

I am just wondering what you all think about the new policy a lot of stores are adopting regarding plastic bags. The major grocer in our area "LobLaws" introduced a policy here on Earth Day, April 22 to charge for plastic bags, 5 cents each. Now they say this is an environmental charge but really I feel it is simply passing the buck to the consumer. In this day and economic climate retailers are trying to find anyway to cut their expenses so why not pass it onto the consumer? They are smart offering for us to buy a re-usable shopping bag for a buck instead of the regular plastic. It is a great environmental idea for sure but hard to get into the habit of taking your bags with you everytime you shop. Over the last few days I have seen a number of news articals from various retailers explaining they will be following suit on this new change for the environment. It makes me giggle to think of the Corporates being so responsible, really doesn anyone believe that, they are just passing the expenses onto the consumer the same as they have always done.

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