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Monday, March 16, 2009


I am putting my foot down and getting back on the treadmill. I can't wait for the warm weather any longer. This is it.......get down to it.......get the weight off.......and feel great!
There is just over 4 weeks until I go away with Trinity to her dance competition and I am determined to get some weight off. Right now my goal will be just 2 pounds a week and any thing over that will be a bonus! So to keep me on track like last year I am going to log what I eat and how often and how long I get on the treadmill. So here I go.....


30 minutes
burning 236 cal
distance 1.85

leg magic machine...

50 reps x3

Food journal....

*bowl of mini wheats

*1 grilled cheese sandwich

snack....small bowl of ice cream with cherries on top...look at me cheating already GRRRR

snack...strawberry yogurt

supper...chicken breast with Mrs. Dash spice, carrots, cucumber

snack...carrots and cucumber

Water (glasses) x5

I will update this later, my biggest struggle is going to be the nights I work. The nights are slow and long so I turn to munchie foods to pass the time. :0(

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