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Friday, March 6, 2009

Pottery fun

The kids have recently caught the craft making bug, they have always enjoyed craft time but the last few months they have all been almost obsessed with making and painting craft projects. We have spent a lot of time shopping around the local craft super store here to find new ideas for projects as well as researching online. We were able to find some creative polymer clay art project books from AMACO/Brent. AMACO/Brent has been the leader in clay since the introduction of their Permoplast clay products in 1919. this product is the industry leader in premium clays and is very user friendly due to it's non-hardening properties and pliability. They can certainly have a lot of fun, especially during the cold winter months while we are searching for inside activities. For molding crafts we decided to look into how to use polymer clay to shape and mold our own ideas. AMACO/Brent offers a few good books on how to work with this material. I was really excited in shopping through and seeing the great assortment of ceramic pottery kilns, now I think we are still a little bit away from creating our own ceramic items but it's great to see that you can get kilns at an affordable price to start up. Crafts are certainly a fun and creative, yet affordable way to keep your kids attention and allow them to develop their creativeness.

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