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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Handy man

As I think back over the years I have to laugh at some of the projects my husband and I have gotten into. When we first got together we were renting a place and were both really just starting out, we didn't have much for tools, a handy pack my dad had gotton for me when I first moved out, with a hammer, screwdrivers and that was about it. We both liked creating things on our own so we had to be pretty creative with our projects, I still remember the first thing a little step we built for our son to crawl up into his big boy bed, we wanted it to match his bedding and made it with the Jigsaw addition to our tools. It actually turned out really good, looked cool and was sturdy. Now as the years have gone by we have advanced our projects and tool selection. Our most recent job was completing an unfinished attached garage in our house to our new master suite. It was a lot of fun and yet another opportunity for hubby to buy tools he didn't have. He needed some good wood boring bits to drill through the framing for the electrical wiring. This was by far our most ambitious project yet and I have to say after a year of work it is almost finished. We even started practicing with a router to make our own decorative shelves and again this allowed us to ad to our tool selection again with some router bits sets It's a good thing our home has a big basement because it is almost full of tools but it does make a great workshop and keeps the mess down there. Now if you think I'm crazy yet the next bit project we are starting in the spring is to add cupboards and reface our kitchen cabinets. This will be a very exciting and challanging job that we are really planning out and taking our time with, some new cutting tools are on the horizon first to be sure we can make all the cuts the way we want them and to have the kitchen look great when it is done. It can be frustrating at times but in the end our projects always turn out great.

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