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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Maniac Mansion

It is so funny, my husband has a friend from work that bought this old (derilect) home, my hubby refers to the "Maniac Mansion" This is a giant of a home that in it's prime had 11 bedrooms, but in it's later life was changed into 4 apartments. Anyway his friend always loved this home growing up as it has a beautiful view of the water and for its shape and character. They spent all last summer gutting out the interior of the place right down to the studs and the plan this year is for them to renovate enough for him to be able to live in it my fall. The biggest issue for that to happen is to fix up the outside, the roof is in desperate need of some Roof Repair 22183 as it is very old and actually leaks in a couple of spots. They needed to find a service that could do not only the roof but the siding too as it is old rotton wood siding that looks terrible. We went looking for a specialist and found Roof Repair in Woodbridge, VA which also has many affiliates around the country that can line us up with an expert in our area that can do the siding, the roof and also add some sky lights into the roof to let natural light into his area that he is planning to live in. With me working this year it will be interesting to see how much time hubby will have to help out but I know he feels really obligated to help out his non-handy friend through the project. If you find yourself looking for Roofing Contractors in Springfield, VA I found a great link to a team of experts that can help you with your project.

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