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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cutting back

When considering improving my web-sites format I decided to look into different options for my web site hosting. The big concern for me was which service to get to use for my website. Before I could make a decision I found a comparison site that compares all the different offers from the industry leaders in web hosting. This site not only ranks the different companies it also recaps the hi-lites of their offers. This is a really nice feature because you can easily compare the different hosts quickly on 1 visit All the sites reviewed on this site come with a minimum of 1 free domain names and a 30 day money back guarantee. For me I tend to upload a lot of video's and pictures onto my web-site so it was important for me to have a host that provided unlimited storage. Also I find that I am becoming more comfortable using the computer but I still wanted to be sure to have a web host that would be there when I really needed them for support.170At this point in time it appears that I will be switching over to BlueHost provider. The site is definetly a worth while company and I am always checking back to see the latest reviews and their special offer.

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