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Friday, March 6, 2009

Concreate Applications

When it comes to construction materials there are so many different uses for concrete. At one time it was simply used to form blocks and foundations of buildings but as time has gone on concrete contractors and concreate manufactures have developed different applications for concrete. We have been looking at doing more renovations on our home and with Summer coming it is time to turn our focus back onto our outdoor oasis. Last year we spent time going through some renovations to our garage, turning it into our new master bedroom. Now this took some work and changes to our structural concrete in our foundation. We decided this year we would ad some decorative concrete to our pool area. We looked into the process and discovered that by using the right mix of aggreget, water and mix you can create a stone like material and stamp and inpression into it to give you a beautiful design. For the finishing look you can add various colorations to give it the personallized look that you want. Now you can always try this type of project on your own but I would advise that you take the time and get a professional concrete contractor in to help you design your project adn help you create exactly what you want.

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