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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Construction Projects

Sometimes with all our renovation projects around the house it seems like more of a construction zone then a home. I would say most of that would be my fault as I am always thinking of the next great project to work on around the house. I was thinking about Easter gifts for the kids and my hubby joked that we should get them hard hats and work gloves so they would be safe in our construction zone. I'm thinking chocolate bunnies and candy eggs might be a bit more appropriate. A friend of my husband is renovating a big old turn of the century home and hubby is spending a lot of his spare time working on that construction project. I told them they had to get all the construction gear so they would be safe. It was off to hunt for work boots, steel toe of course to protect their feet. They were also going for knee pads for when they are working on ripping up the old floor. For some protection from falling debris they had to get hard hats and safety goggles. The final touch to make their job easier was coveralls with lots of pockets to hold tools, nails and screws and a few carry tool boxes to keep their stuff in. It's quite a hobby and I think they will do a great job on that old house.

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