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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Halloween Fun

One of the most fun times of the year for a parent has to be the Halloween Season, we generally start the Halloween Decorations right after the kids get back to school. We will start with some inside decorations, a little bit at a time so the kids can feel the excitement building as the days go buy. Having 4 little ones at home we generally like to pick up Halloween Costumes throughout the year so the kids can all have a new costume every year. Shopping online at costume specialty sites can be a lot of fun because you can shop for costumes when it is convient for you and you don't have to deal with the hussle and bussle of the stores. The assortment they can offer by being online is really incredible and the kids love checking out all the different ideas all year round. The costume site I generally use has a wide assortment of costumes to suit any one, from boys with great pirate, super hero and themed costumes, my youngest son is really into Iron Man, and I found a great Muscle suit for him. For my girl their are the pop stars, princess and angels. Now if you are planning on having a private party for 2 or going to an adult halloween party there are also a great assortment of Sexy Halloween Costumes, I like the sexy frisk officer costume, or should I say hubby would probably like this one. There is also a super assortment of cute pet costumes and Adult Costumes to round out all the the costumes for your family.

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