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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have the best Hubby.

Coming off my winter blues and into spring I felt like I needed a new wardrobe. We were out on the weekend and while the kids took the kids through the pet store (another story all together) I went next door to go shopping. I found a new outfit and a pair of capri's, without hesitation hubby told me they would look great and we were off to the register. On my way, as hubby was paying I found a warm sweater to try on, he told me to get that one too, he must have been feeling ill, or he really loves me, we'll say the 2nd one. We were out today to get him a pair of jeans but ended up shopping for me again and he bought me another yoga suit that fits so comfortable and he thought looked really (hot). It was a fun day shopping and now we will get into renovation project and too bad I have to work tonight or we could have had the perfect day.

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jenn said...

New clothes are always a treat!