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Friday, September 14, 2007


Parenting is a very important yet demanding job and it can get a little overwhelming especially being a new parent or expecting parent. We as parents want the very best for our children and looking to others for help and advise is something we all do and there is nothing wrong with doing so. Whether your looking for advise on baby items, breast feeding to maternity clothes and more, it's always nice to have a place or person to turn to. For me I enjoy the "lila guide", it's the word of mouth survival guide for new parents. begins its relationships with parents before your baby is born by addressing the needs of mothers to be.

When you become a member you are encouraged to join in on the reviews through the site and help each other in your day to day baby related decisions, whatever it may be, from feedings to baby products, maternity leave and more. You are connected to other parents online through chat rooms and message boards. your not alone so let's share our ideas and help each other through these wonderful years of parenting.

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